Selected Teachings on
The Lord Used the Scattering to Spread the
Blood of Israel Throughout all Nations

Joseph Fielding Smith (Quorum of the Twelve)

When the Lord called Abraham out of Ur, the land of his fathers, he made certain covenants with him because of his faithfulness. One promise was that through him and his seed after him all nations of the earth should be blessed. This blessing is accomplished in several ways.

1. Through Jesus Christ who came through the lineage of Abraham;

2. Through the priesthood which was conferred upon Abraham and his descendants;

3. Through the scattering of Israel among all nations by which the blood of Israel was sprinkled among the nations, and thus the nations partake of the leaven of righteousness, on condition of their repentance, and are entitled to the promises made to the children of Abraham; and

4. In the fact that the Lord covenanted with Abraham that after his time all who embraced the gospel should be called by his name, or, should be numbered among his seed, and should receive the Holy Ghost. (Doctrines of Salvation, 3:246-247)

The Lord always turns punishments to the accomplishment of his purposes. The scattering of the Israelites among all nations was a punishment inflicted upon them, but a great blessing extended to the nations among whom they were scattered....

We see, then, how through the scattering of Israel, especially the descendants of the ten tribes who mingled with the Gentile nations, the blood of Abraham had been mixed with the blood of the Gentiles, and in this way the Gentiles have been brought into the seed of Abraham, and are therefore entitled to receive, on conditions of their repentance, all the blessings promised to the seed of Abraham. The children of Israel, even in their greatest number, never fulfilled the promise of the Lord concerning their magnitude when dwelling in the land of Palestine. The prediction was that their number should be as countless as the stars or the sand upon the seashore. In Palestine they never reached proportions too great to be numbered nor have they reached this number in their scattered condition although they had become absorbed into the body of the Gentile nations. Moreover, they, through this scattering, planted in the hearts of the Gentiles to some degree a desire to worship the God of Abraham and to accept of his teachings and the teachings of the prophets who came through his seed. Because the Jews rejected Jesus Christ they were scattered as the Savior predicted; but the Lord has kept them, for his own purpose, as a distinct people. They have not mixed to any great extent with the Gentiles by marriage, but have maintained their racial identity. And when Christ comes, he will appear to the gathered Jews as predicted by Zechariah. (The Restoration of All Things, p.129-137)

Orson F. Whitney (Quorum of the Twelve)

'Twas Christ made covenant with Abraham, …
Then gave Himself that covenant to fulfill:
And mixt His people with earth's alien tribes,
That all—not Israel only—might be blest
Nor least and last of nations fail to share
In blessings showered through him upon the world,
Sprinkled, as rain, with his believing blood;
Peopling the arid wastes of unbelief
With souls responsive to the clarion call,
Shaking the seas and isles and continents,
And gathering what was scattered ages gone.

(invited by President Heber J. Grant to read this in Conference Report, April 1930, p.35)