Bro. Woodward's "Write Your
Own Book of Mormon" Challenge!

(Challenge Based on these Quotes)

Please write a book which meets all of the following criteria:

Topic: A story of the ancient inhabitants of America

Criteria: Using no outside source materials, your book must be 531 pages and include:

  1. 54 chapters dealing with war
  2. 21 historical chapters
  3. *55 chapters on visions and prophecies
  4. *71 chapters on doctrine and exhortation
  5. *21 chapters on the ministry of Christ
  6. 1 chapter (77 verses long) describing an extended allegory about tame and wild olive trees which cryptically expounds upon the scattering and gathering of Israel throughout all time—all the while this must agree absolutely with both true botanical principles and true biblical doctrine.
  7. Throughout the entire book you must employ both ancient and original literary styles, figures of speech, similes, metaphors, narrations, exposition, description, oratory, epic, lyric, logic, and parables.
  8. Invent many presently unknown names of people and places which will later be discovered as real. This will help authenticate your book.
  9. Do all of this in approximately 65 working days with  no punctuation and little or no review or revising—all while trying to provide for a family living in poor circumstances and being periodically interrupted by mob violence.

*Note: Every word in these chapters must agree meticulously with the Bible or you will be exposed as a fraud.

**Extra Credit Available!!! You may receive extra credit if you can actually convince people to read your book and to honestly say it changed their lives. To achieve this, your book must not only be a literary masterpiece, it must also have such intrinsic convincing power that people are willing to leave their native lands and countries for it to gather with you wherever you, the author of the book, are. It must be so persuasively true that people are willing to be persecuted for it—to be kicked out of their homes and disowned by their parents for it; to be dragged out to the middle of the street and publicly tarred and feathered because they read it and believe it to be the word of God; and to be willing to voluntarily kneel down with your book in their hands and to be shot to death because they will not deny the truthfulness of your book.