Selected Teachings on
c. 540 B.C.
(See Jacob 7:1-23)

Teachings of Sherem
Modern Examples
  1. There will be no Christ. (Jacob 7:2, 9, 17)
  2. "And he preached many things which were flattering unto the people; and this he did that he might overthrow the doctrine of Christ" (Jacob 7:2). The aim of all of Sherem's teachings were to overthrow Christ's doctrine.
  3. No one can know about nor tell of things to come (Jacob 7:7)
  4. It is a perversion to convert the law of Moses into the worship of Christ (Jacob 7:7)
  5. Denies the power of the Holy Ghost and the ministry of angels (Jacob 7:17)
  • Any moderns who accuse Christians of "imposing" Christ into the text of the Old Testament to make it "seem" as though OT writers were prophesying of Christ. Many, in some segments of society today, still say the law of Moses "is the right way" and that those who read Christ into the OT text are guilty of perverting and corrupting the text (Jacob 7:7).
Methods of Sherem
  • Flattery & the Power of Speech. He preached things which were flattering to the people (Jacob 7:2, 4)
  • Diligence. He labored diligently that he might lead away the hearts of the people (Jacob 7:3)
  • Targets the Faithful. He especially sought opportunities to lead away those who had strong faith in Christ (Jacob 7:3)
  • Well Educated. He was learned and had a perfect knowledge of the language of the people (Jacob 7:4)
  • Contention. He uses contention as a persuasive tool (Jacob 7:7)
  • Sign-Seeker. He asks for the faithful to show him a sign “by this power of the Holy Ghost, in the which ye know so much” (Jacob 7:13)
  • Wrests the Scriptures. Presumes to believe in the scriptures, but twists their true meaning (Jacob 7:10-11, 19)