Selected Teachings on
There is One Family: the Family of God

Joseph F. Smith (President)

There has got to be a welding together and a joining together of parents and children and children and parents until the whole chain of God's family shall be welded together into one chain, and they shall all become the family of God and His Christ. (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, p. 411)

Joseph Fielding Smith (Quorum of the Twelve)

When everything gets finished, we will all be one family—every member of the Church a member of one family, the family of God. And we will all be subject to our first progenitor, Adam, Michael, the archangel, who has been appointed and given authority under Jesus Christ to stand at the head and preside over all his posterity. We are one family. And we all have to be joined to that family....

Why do we go into the temples to be sealed, husbands and wives, and children to parents, and why are we commanded to have this work done, not only for ourselves, but also to be sealed to our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers before them, back as far as we can go? Because we want to belong to that great family of God which is in heaven, and, so far as the Church is concerned, on earth. That is why....

Thus eventually we will be one large family with Adam at the head, Michael, the archangel, presiding over his posterity. (Doctrines of Salvation, 2:173-176)